SIM Only Deals – The Savvy Move in 2019?

SIM Only deals are for people who don’t require a phone and just need a contract or pay as you go tariff. They can offer substantial savings if you are happy to use your existing phone.

If you also need a phone then visit our other pages to compare all the available deals.

Please remember if you plan to use a SIM card from another network (i.e. Vodafone) in your existing phone (which was provided by i.e. Orange) you may need to get the handset unlocked.

This isn’t an issue with many phones as lots are already unlocked and not a problem if you wish to use a SIM card which is on the same network as the handset.

If you are unsure please ask us for help. Your previous network or service provider should be able to tell you if your handset is unlocked and if not, help you with unlocking it.

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